Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Welcome to our Blog...

I have been contemplating writing a blog to keep family and friends in the loop and finally broke down and decided to get it going. It seems the older we get the more difficult it is to stay in touch with everyone as much as we would like.
I will most likely be doing most of the writing since I am pretty certain that Derek has no interest taking on more writing tasks then he already has with his classes!
Life is non-stop these days, Derek is in school four days a week and I have found myself traveling for both work and leisure lately. We adopted a puppy in April who Rosie re-named Tinkerbell (yes, we named her Lexi and had to change it so that she would not be as confused). My sister, Andrea and her daughter Rosie have moved into my town home. We were very happy that the timing worked out for them to move in and grateful not to have a house on the market in these tough times.
It seems we have been traveling the country these days, In January Derek and I spent two weeks celebrating our honeymoon in Hawaii, it was an amazing vacation and we will go back. In March I headed to Florida for our annual family vacation, it was wonderful to get away (even though I just got back). In May I spent a week in Boston with my sister for a training conference. Then in June Derek, Andrea, Rosie and I drove to Chicago for a long weekend. We visited our family there and even made it to a Cubs game. On a drive home we detoured to visit our cousins in Milwaukee. This past week I spent five days in Vegas with girlfriends. We celebrated the upcoming wedding of one of our friends and enjoyed the sun and heat along with the sights of Las Vegas. Derek and I have one final trip planned for the year, we will head to Tennessee in September to visit both family and some friends. I am extremely excited to visit, it will be a first for me and it will be awesome to catch up with the Hammonds and Kujawas!
I hope you found our blog and we look forward to hearing from you all!

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