Thursday, March 4, 2010

The 8th Month!

I honestly can't believe how quickly the past 8 months has gone by. It was just last August that Derek and I received the amazing news that we were expecting our first child. Something we were not sure would happen, and especially as quickly as it did. As we enter our 8th month of pregnancy I have had a lot on my mind. Something we haven't shared with everyone is our journey to getting here. Some of our close friends and family know that trying to conceive was a challenge we have been thinking about for well over a year now. I have been careful about sharing this challenge because so many opinions are out there, but it is an important journey that I never want to forget.

Because of some side effects of Derek's Diabetes (Type I) we have been aware that trying to conceive a child would be difficult since we first talked about marriage and a family. I began talking with my OB a few months before we were married to see what options we might have. After several long appointments, many blood draws, tests and conversations we were told our best option would be an IUI (Intrauterine Insemination). I am not going to go into details about the actual procedure, there are plenty of websites that explain the details for those of you that are curious. Along with telling us about this option they also made it clear that due to our specific case it may take several months/years before we saw any success. To our surprise we got a positive result the first month.

I know that I have family and friends that do not agree with medical assisted pregnancy and I respect that more then you know. I myself did not fully understand or agree with it until I myself was put in that situation. Yes, we could have looked into adoption and believe me we would have been very happy to do so. We spent many nights talking these options out and finally put our trust in God that if this was his plan things would work out. We were introduced to the most amazing fertility doctor in the state, our insurance indicated that treatments would be covered, I was transferred to the home office for work...these were only some of the signs that this was what we were supposed to do. Of course the final sign and most amazing miracle was that positive HPT we took last August.

Like I said I don't want to bore everyone with the details of our journey and procedure, I just needed to remind myself of the miracle we are experiencing and let anyone out there that might be going through something similar know that they are not alone. Also because I remember feeling very alone when we were going through this journey and I hope that if any of my Friends or family are going through this they feel they can talk to either one of us.

Anyways, enough of the serious talk. Baby is almost here! I can't believe it...less then 10 weeks. Here is the latest picture...

I feel huge...its hard to imagine how I will feel in another month. At our last appointment I was still measuring a little small (uterus size, not weight :)), but we were assured this is nothing to worry about. Since both Derek and I are on the smaller side baby may just be a little on the smaller side. I have also been experiencing some very minor braxton-hicks contractions...mostly if I am sitting in the same position for too long or doing to much around the house. The doctor cut my work hours down for now and we will see what baby is doing at our next appointment.

We have been busy working on the nursery, sorting through the amazing hand-me-downs, and trying to get the house ready for her to come home. I will post pictures of the progress soon.

Love to all our family and friends!

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